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Our dedicated flight recording software.

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JGA News

Updates can be found here, Monthly Newsletter and much more.

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Live Flight Tracker

As an integral part of our dedicated PIREP system (myAcars) the live map follows current flights.

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Member List

A complete member list including their base hubs, visit the page to view more stats.

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JGA Timetables

Our timetables are quite extensive with routes throughout Europe, across the pond and down into the carribean.

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Screenshots taken by our members, every month we choose one image as screenie of the month.

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JGA Forums

Here you will find all the latest gossip, screenshots and so much more....

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JGA Stats

Monthly statistics including the chased `Greased Landing` and the not so hallowed `Heavy Landing`.

Listed with VA Central

We are listed on Virtual Airline Central
Our airline's rank is currently

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